An Easy Solution to End Un-tied Laces

We’re always looking for great product to help make our lives (and kids’ lives) easier.  Recently, our staff had the opportunity to try out Jogo Grips, a new product invented by local resident, Steve Dalton.  Here’s what we thought.


My 6 year old daughter is still a beginner at tying her shoes, and her knots are often very loose. It took a bit of convincing to have her wear them; though I hear they will soon come in new colors and sizes, that will help for picky fashionistas. Once they were on they stayed put and helped keep her loose laces in place. I also had my husband try them out on his hiking boots. He liked how clean they kept his extra long laces. No more mud-caked fraying laces that he’ll have to replace every few months!


Ten year-old Anika has been wearing them on her sneakers for a month and loves that she doesn’t have to retie her laces throughout the day anymore.  “I tie them in the morning and that’s it!”  She also loves that her laces no longer trip her when she runs with her friends during recess.


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