Adventure Us: Virginia Museum of Transportation

While there are myriads of opportunities for adventure and fun in Roanoke and the surrounding mountains, we’ve found there are some familiar, comfortable places we return to again and again. One of those is the Virginia Museum of Transportation, or, as our kids call it, the “train museum”. We’re far from the only family for…
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Roanoke Wildlife

It wasn’t long after we moved here that we made a shocking discovery about who we shared our neighborhood with. No, I’m not talking about the local teenagers; I’m referring to something less noisy and more wily that, we realized, was also prowling about the neighborhood. Our neighbors first warned us to be on the…
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Roaming Roanoke: Salem Museum

This week for Roaming Roanoke, we mixed fun and education. We roamed to the Salem Museum! I featured the Salem Museum’s online video series last month. This time we visited the actual museum building! Part of the Salem Museum’s holiday exhibit includes a model train. It is set-up through the end of January. My 6-year-old…
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The 5-Minute Answer: What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

By Marissa Siegel, Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist at Rising Star Speech and Language Services You may have seen someone write a note to communicate their order at a coffee shop. Or maybe you’ve seen someone use a device that speaks for them according to the buttons they press. These are examples of augmentative and alternative…
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How the New Normal Brought Back Family Dinners

The COVID-19 virus most certainly brought the world to its knees and created a new normal for most families; working at home was suddenly a new and welcome change for many parents, and family dinners are making a comeback. It’s a difficult job juggling work-at-home duties, chores around the house, pet needs, wrangling the kids,…
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Meet Your Neighbors: The Lugars, Unleashed Dog Bakery

January 25, 2021

Meet your neighbors, Jenn and Chris Lugar! Jenn and Chris own Unleashed Dog Bakery & Boutique in downtown Roanoke.  In March 2015, they began Unleashed as a mobile bakery, and then they opened their brick and mortar store in July 2018. While the business is owned by the two of them, Jenn and Chris have…

Meet Your Neighbor: Noel Anderson, Anderson Music Therapy

January 25, 2021

Meet Your Neighbor… Noel Anderson! When Noel Anderson MMT, MT-BC, moved to Roanoke in 2011, it didn’t take long for her to notice the challenge families had in getting services for their children with special needs. So she created Anderson Music Therapy to fill that need and be a resource in helping families find the…

Meet Your Neighbor: Misty Lenk, Lenk Orthodontics

January 25, 2021

Dr. Misty Lenk loves smiles! She loves giving smiles to others and creating smiles on her patients! Dr. Lenk is an orthodontist and operator of Lenk Orthodontics in Daleville. She is also a wife, mother, basketball coach, volunteer, and whatever else is needed to support her family, patients, and community. Dr. Lenk grew up in…

Meet Your Neighbor: Ellen Cleveland, LFA Consignment

January 25, 2021

Roanoke native Ellen Cleveland loves to serve her hometown community and families as well as create events! She successfully merges the two into the LFA Kids Consignment sale in Roanoke.  For more than fifteen years, the LFA Kids consignment events have helped families sell and buy baby and children’s items! The sales are held twice…

Back to the Movies: Lilo and Stitch

January 5, 2021

Six-year-old Hawaiian girl, Lilo, who was raised by her older sister, Nani, after their parents died in a car crash, adopts a new “dog” that she calls Stitch. She does not know yet, that her new dog is actually a genetically modified blue alien, engineered for chaos! Stitch learns a bunch from Lilo, even though…

New Family Movies and Shows Streaming This January

January 5, 2021

As we look for more ways to have fun while we stay home, the streaming universe will keep you entertained. There are many classics to enjoy in January, along with a few new TV shows. Here are the best streaming picks to watch this month. Shrek — Hulu, Jan. 1 This isn’t your normal fairytale, but it…

New Years at Noon at Home!

December 29, 2020

Live performance from Einstein’s Monkey and Balloon Dude Travis! BUY YOUR KITS BELOW – ALL KITS WILL BE HAND DELIVERED ON DECEMBER 30th! Buy your New Year’s Kits for just $4!

Fun and Easy New Year’s Crafts to do at home

December 10, 2020

If you want to celebrate with the New Year with kids, here are some easy crafts to try out. You should have all the materials on hand, so a last-minute trip won’t be needed. After all, this new year we’re all for simplicity, right? Ornament Noisemaker You’ll need: Clear ornaments Didn’t have time to DIY ornaments…

Christmas Movie Showdown

December 1, 2020

Make a Snoopy Chef Hat

November 26, 2020

Image courtesy of WIldBrain Ltd. and Sony Worldwide Supplies needed to make one hat: 2 pieces of white computer paper 5 feet of white parchment paper 1 rubber band (elastic) 1 sheet of black felt Stapler Scotch Tape Tape two pieces of computer paper together at shorter end. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and…

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