Adventure Us: Read Mountain Preserve

East of town, tucked back behind Bonsack, lies Read Mountain, where a short climb affords one of the valley’s most beautiful views. The Read Mountain Preserve is 243 acres of scenic woodland and ridgetop, jutting out between the I-81 and Route 460 corridors. The hike up the mountainside, while steep in places, is manageable even…
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Cornmeal, Whiskey and Gourmet Fungus

This summer, on a not-quite-whim, we turned a large chunk of our backyard into a cornfield. It wasn’t quite a whim, because we knew we wanted to expand our garden; however that hadn’t materialized by June, when we took a family trip across the western border to beautiful Monroe County, West Virginia. There we found…
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Roaming Roanoke: Mill Mountain Zoo

This week’s Roaming Roanoke destination is Mill Mountain Zoo! You might remember we tried to go to Mill Mountain Zoo on Labor Day weekend but did not get inside before it was full-capacity. We finally made it back this past weekend! My middle child’s birthday was on Saturday. She turned the big 5! She asked…
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The 5-Minute Answer: What is the Americans with Disabilities Act and How Does it Impact You?

By Marissa Siegel, Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist at Rising Star Speech and Language Services Did you know that approximately 1 in 4 American adults have a disability? According to the CDC, that includes over 61 million people. Specifically in Virginia, 23.6% of adults are living with a disability. The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act,…
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How the New Normal Brought Back Family Dinners

The COVID-19 virus most certainly brought the world to its knees and created a new normal for most families; working at home was suddenly a new and welcome change for many parents, and family dinners are making a comeback. It’s a difficult job juggling work-at-home duties, chores around the house, pet needs, wrangling the kids,…
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Roanoke Valley Family Halloween Candy Showdown

October 23, 2020

100% Premium Virginia Orange Juice

October 21, 2020

100% Premium Virginia Orange Juice Fall has finally arrived, and that means here in the Blue Ridge mountains it’s time to start picking oranges. Yes, that’s right. Move over, Tropicana, make way for… Poncirus trifoliata. Ok, so maybe you’re suspicious, and maybe rightfully so. But the first time we found a trifoliate or hardy orange…

Watch This, Do That: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

October 16, 2020

Watch This, Do That: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown The Great Pumpkin was introduced to fans of the funny pages in 1959 by Peanuts artist Charles M. Schulz. It was turned into a cartoon in 1966 and became a staple of the fall season. As all the Peanuts gang enjoys a Halloween party and…

Interior Color Trends for 2021

October 4, 2020

Article provided by Burchett Homes A native of the area, Curtis Burchett has more than 18 years experience as full-time Realtor. He currently lives in Southwest Roanoke County with his wife and 3 children. Many of us spent time in quarantine doing home improvement projects – deep cleaning long neglected areas, purging the garage or…

Halloween Safety During a Pandemic

October 3, 2020

Hosting a Halloween Celebration If you will be hosting a celebration, follow these CDC tips for hosting gatherings. Below are some additional considerations for hosting a holiday celebration: • Host outdoor activities rather than indoor activities as much as possible. If hosting an outdoor event is not possible, and you choose to host an indoor…

5 Kids’ Books That Honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Legacy

October 3, 2020

Teach the kids about the late Supreme Court Justice and lifelong pioneer for gender equality with these inspiring reads. As just the second woman to serve on the nation’s highest court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died recently at the age of 87, blazed a trail for women as a staunch, lifelong advocate for gender equality. She lived…

The First Tee: October 2020, Caroline Gilreath

October 2, 2020

The First Tee is an international youth development organization that introduces the game of golf to many young people, some of whom may not have any other exposure to it. At the same time First Tee programs like the one here in Roanoke help instill values like integrity, respect and perseverance – the latter recalls that…

Watch This, Do That: Finding Nemo

October 2, 2020

Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios. Take a trip under the sea to watch one of the best Pixar movies ever, Finding Nemo. Marlin (Albert Brooks), a clown fish, is overly cautious with his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould), who has a foreshortened fin. When Nemo swims too close to the surface to prove himself, he is…

Watch This, Do That: Back to the Future

September 25, 2020

Watch This, Do That: Back to the Future Images courtesy of Universal Pictures Quite possibly the only PERFECT movie ever created, Back to the Future is the story of teenager Marty McFly as he travels back in time (accidentally) in a DeLorean, in which Marty’s friend, Dr. Emmet Brown made into a time machine. When…

Halloween Books to Read With Your Kids

September 23, 2020

From monsters under the bed to monsters between the pages of literature, writers embrace Halloween and its themes of fright. Kids find a lot to be afraid of, and these new 2019 Halloween and fright-themed books bear out that fear is no factor to fun. Monsters Come Out Tonight, by Frederick Glass Best for ages: 0+ With…

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