Science Experiments

Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

Every cell of every living thing holds a copy of DNA. DNA is the genetic material that determines what creature we are and our characteristics. In this lab, you will be able to extract the DNA of a strawberry! Strawberries are easy to extract DNA from because they are soft and and packed with DNA.…
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Experiment: Floating on Air

Can we really make things float on air at home? Let’s test gravity and air pressure along with your hand-eye coordination in this fun experiment. What you’ll need: package of ping pong balls A hair dryer Instructions: Plug in the hair dryer and turn it on. Put it on the highest setting and point it…
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Experiement: Funnel Blow Out

 Most people can blow out a cake-full of candles with a single breath. Blowing out a single candle is even easier, right? The next time someone has a birthday, try this experiment. What you need:                                                                                 A plastic funnel A birthday candle (or a regular candle) in a candle holder What to do: Have…
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The Science of Snowflakes

By: Ann Shepherd The Science of Snowflakes The story of a snowflake begins with water vapor in the air.  Evaporation from oceans, lakes, and rivers and transpiration from plants puts water vapor into the air.  Every time you exhale, you put water vapor into the air! When air cools down, the water vapor it holds…
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Kid Science Experiment: Change the Baby

…so you reach for a disposable diaper.  As advertised – baby is kept dry and the “used” diaper is, well, amazingly heavy. You toss it out, it’s gone. But wait!  How does the diaper HOLD all that water? Disposable diapers have been a part of our child-rearing culture ever since Pampers were introduced in 1961…
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