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vistarTelltale Signs of Poor Vision in Children
Keeping your child healthy is a huge undertaking.  A parent’s concern goes from the foods they eat to the exercise they receive. One important area that must not be left off the check list is your child’s vision.  Healthy eyes and vision are a critical part of child’s development.


As with many health conditions, a child may not notice changes in their vision or they might be afraid to speak up about them.  There are many cases in which children struggle in school or social activities due to undetected vision problems.  In fact, parents may not notice symptoms of eye problems in their child until they start school.


There are several indications that your child may be having vision problems.  By simply observing your child’s behavior, you will see signs that it may be time to visit an eye care doctor.  Some behaviors include sitting very close to the television; holding books, handheld games or other objects very close to their face; or difficulty seeing the blackboard or other school materials, which may result in answering or copying information incorrectly.

Other signs of poor vision in your child require closer observation.

  • Misalignment of the eyes
  • Head tilt
  • Lack of fixation or fascination
  • Jerking eye movements
  • White pupil
  • Slow or unequal pupils
  • Excess sensitivity to light
  • Drooping Lid
  • Redness
  • Swelling around the eyelids
  • Large eyes
  • Pain or headache
  • Excess tearing
  • Squinting or frequent blinking
  • Moving close to objects to see


If you notice any of these signs, it is time to see an eye care doctor, otherwise known as an ophthalmologist or optometrist, for a comprehensive eye exam.  Keep in mind that not all problems can be diagnosed by you or a school nurse; only an ophthalmologist or optometrist has the training and equipment to fully understand your child’s eye care needs.   For more information on your child’s vision or to make an appointment, call Vistar Eye Center at 540-855-5100 or visit us online at www.vistareye.com.


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