So You Want To Go To Summer Camp…


I grew up surrounded by summer camps, day camps, activity groups and sports teams. My parents wants to expose me to any and everything they could think of to help me develop as a well rounded and engaging person. As a parent myself I feel it’s up to me to help my child find her interests and passion in life- and let’s face it the idea of a whole kid-free afternoon is pretty appealing!!

So you want to enroll your child in summer camp- now what?

Sit down together as a family and go through these questions to help find the perfect camp for you!

1. Day Camp or Overnight?

Day camps are perfect for younger children or first time campers. you get the fun of a camp but day camps also give you family time and your own bed to sleep in every night.  Overnight camps should be thought through carefully, especially if you end up choosing a camp that’s far away from home.

2. What type of Camp do we want?

There is a camp for just about everything these days. There are sport camps, art camps, theater camps, religious camps, and learning camps. If your child is already on a sports team it may make sense to sign them up for a sports-themed camp, but don’t make that decision without them. Your athlete may want to take to the stage for the summer.

3. Can we afford it?

Camps cost money, there’s no getting around  that. While some camps offer payment plans and scholarships- You should start saving now as registration fees are often due well before the start of camp.  You can also use this to help teach your child the importance of saving and earning money to be able to get something they want later. Try setting aside a jar for spare change or a percentage of their allowance each week so they can see themselves earning their way to camp.

4. Which Camp do we chose?

This is the fun question! check out our Camp Directory to find the perfect camp for your family. We have listed over 15 camps and are adding more each day!


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