Halloween Books to Read With Your Kids

Halloween Books.jpg

From monsters under the bed to monsters between the pages of literature, writers embrace Halloween and its themes of fright. Kids find a lot to be afraid of, and these new 2019 Halloween and fright-themed books bear out that fear is no factor to fun.

Monsters Come Out Tonight, by Frederick Glass

Best for ages: 0+

With flaps that warn the reader “Do Not Disturb,” “Keep Out” and “Beware of Monster,” the lift-the-flap book welcomes even youngest trick-or-treaters to Halloween monster traditions. With a lilting rhyme and cartoon ghouls, readers are welcomed to the Monster Ball.

Are You My Monster, by Amanda Noll

Best for ages: 2-5

A young pajama-clad artist draws a picture of his monster. As he lists the monsters attributes —teeth size, hair color, finger length and tail size — he finds other monsters. Young readers will enjoy a board book that teaches them about finding properties on a list and matching them to seek out the right monster. 

Snack Attack!, by Terry Border

Best for ages: 3-7

In the case of this book, the monster is Monster Kid! Not so much a story of Halloween happenings, but more a cautionary tale to future snack pieces, the snacks go on an adventure around the kitchen. The photos lend a real-life look at snacks to readers who love an after-school nibble. 

Skulls! by Blair Thornburgh

Best for ages: 4-8

Through some illustrations that make the book more suited for Day of the Dead celebrations, kids can learn about their skulls. What is the skull good for, what does it have and not have (like a nose, no noses on a skull)? And kids will learn why it’s important to keep their skulls intact. 

The Big Book of Monsters, by Hal Johnson

Best for ages: 10+

“The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature” bounce off the page in discussions of the origins and uses of some of the best monsters in literature. Learn about Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, The Headless Horseman and more as the interest in each monster extends beyond the literature page and into what made the characters tick.