Parental Sick Days

It doesn’t matter if you work or are a stay at home parent- everyone knows there’s no such thing as a sick day when you’re a parent. From the stomach flu to broken limbs, a parent is always parenting. Sometimes though you can’t quite tough it out and you just need some bed rest RIGHT NOW. Sitting your kids in front of the TV isn’t your only option though, here is a list of our ten favorite activities to do with children while sitting or laying down.

1. Coloring

It’s simple, it’s easy and usually requires low parental supervision. To make it interesting for older kids, print out these coloring pages from great artists:

2. I Spy / 20 Questions

A simple car game is perfect for a parent who needs to lay down for a bit, 20 questions can even be done with your eyes closed- perfect for the occasional migraine.

3. House Scavenger Hunt

As you sit on the couch waiting for your antibiotics to kick in, have your kids search the house for items that all fit in the same category (i.e. all round, red items, items for school) Use your cellphone as a timer to notch up the difficulty for older children.

4. Play-Doh

Make play food, clay families, animals and so much more- all while sitting around the kitchen table!

5. Video Conference

Even if your friends and family are too far to babysit while you’re under the weather they can still entertain them for a bit! You can set up a puppet show for Grandma or read stories together over Skype.

6. Bubbles

Bubbles are magical, mystical substance to kids of all ages. Something about those shimmery, pop-able bubbles enthralls even the most rowdy of children.

7. Theater Games

Set your living room to be a stage and you’ll be the audience on the couch. Kids can dress up and put on a fashion show, or act out some of their favorite stories.

8. Board and Card Games

Surely you have a closet or bookcase stuffed with board and card games that only gets pulled out for dinner parties and sleepovers. Why not set up a checkers or Pictionary  tournament to last the whole day. Games like Uno or Candy Land can also be used to help teach numbers and colors to younger kids.

9. Read

Older kids can read to themselves (or to you!) and you can read aloud to the younger children while laying down too. To keep from going insane from the 50th reading of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus you can read children appropriate chapter books like Phantom Tollbooth or the Harry Potter Series.

10. Blocks & Legos

There are so many way to play with blocks and legos- build a house, a castle, farm- the list goes on and on. Then you can make color and shape patterns, and the ever favorite, knock down the tall tower.

So there’s 10 ideas to get you started- comment below with your own ideas and we hope you feel better soon!

Tracy Fisher

Tracy Fisher is Growing Up in the Valley's head designer. She has been a part of the publication since March 2012. She is the proud mother of Charlotte, 6. She also eats too much chocolate.
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