Boudreaux Butt-Paste Debacle

Let's just say I have some experience in this.


A mother usually treasures the quiet moments in a busy household. I've come to fear them.

Here are the best ways to get Boudreaux Butt-Paste out of everything.  Seriously - as you can see in the picture, we had to find out the hard way!

For Clothing & Bedding

First, carefully scrape all the excess paste off with a plastic spatula or credit card. Do not smear it around anymore than possible. This stuff is the stickiest, most waterproof substance known to man. I think you could waterproof shoes with it. Then pre-treat with your favorite laundry soap. I prefer to use apple cider vinegar and then oxyclean if it's particularly stubborn. Then launder as normal. The paste container does warn that it will stain, but  out of all that clothes and bedding pictured above it has only stained the white washcloth I used to wipe up the floor. All colored cloth hasn't been stained. Remember, it may take a few cycles of pre-treating and washing to get the greasy feeling out.

For Hard Surfaces

Again, scrape it up carefully until you have a thin layer left. Then go to town with vinegar, dish soap and water- whatever is safe for the item you're cleaning.

For Hair

Cut it all off.I'm almost serious. It took us three baths to just get the "grey" color out of our daughter's hair. Here the rundown of products I've tried:
Baby Shampoo- as useless as water. It rolls right off the paste with no effect.
Normal Shampoo- Hardly a difference, it made it LOOK better, but not feel or actually cut the grease.
Apple Cider Vinegar- This works on the grease well, but it required a LOT of soaking and scrubbing that Charlotte did not appreciate. It also dried out her skin very quickly, so I had to work very slowly and in small sections spread out over several baths.
I still recommend Butt Paste as my favorite diaper rash cream, it works great and it's fun to write it on a grocery list. Just double and triple check the lid before leaving it on your changing table in your kid's room!
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