R3: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3R     A lot of families try to switch to more environmentally friendly companies as their share of taking care of the Earth. However, this isn’t enough to solve earthly ills like deforestation, global warming, and light pollution. There are a variety of creative ways families can help to decrease our carbon footprints.

Reducing the amount of products and consumer goods people use on a daily basis will have a big impact over time. A major way you can reduce is by bringing your own reusable bags when going grocery shopping. This will reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags that are being used and filling up landfills. Other ways include using rechargeable batteries, reducing the amount of water used, and turning lights off when leaving a room.

Reusing products is a fun way to get creative. You can decorate old jars and use them as storage containers or for DIY projects. Also, using old bottles and egg containers is a fun way to make unique pots for plants. Many household items can be reused if you get your creative juices flowing!

Recycling is super easy. All you need is a few old bins or old boxes to sort out everything that can be recycled. Newspapers, magazines, white paper, cardboard, ink, batteries, cans, glass, and plastics can be taken to local convenience centers. Towels, sheets, clothing, and other accessories can be recycled (and reused!) when donated to animal shelters, homeless shelters, or thrift stores. Also, taking old food containers, like yogurt, cottage cheese, and butter containers, to organizations that help with the homeless can be used to package to-go meals. Even food can be recycled into compost for family gardens.

     As Neil Armstrong once said, That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” If each person can reduce, reuse, and recycle more, the larger picture will begin to form.


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