Roaming Roanoke: Kids Square Mobile Museum

Welcome to Roaming Roanoke! 

Before we get started let me introduce myself. I am Angela! I am a former tv news reporter turned stay-at-home mom. We have three children ages 5 and under. My husband is a wildland firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service (Smokey Bear is our friend!). We moved here from out-of-state a year and a half ago! We are still exploring and learning the area. This blog will journey our adventures to kid-friendly places and events in the region! I also hope to answer any questions you might have about going to these places yourself (mostly stuff like, is it stroller friendly? Are there bathrooms? Does it cost money?). 

Let’s get started!

Our first blogging destination was the mobile Kids Square! 

Kids Square is one of the places EVERYONE told us to go when we moved here. We finally did last fall and our kids LOVED it! My five-year-old son and four-year-old daughter were sad when it closed earlier this year for the pandemic. You better believe they jumped at the chance on Wednesday, June 24th to get out of the house and go to the mobile Kids Square! 

It was at Green Hill Park in one of the shelters. It was only set-up two hours but that was enough time for all of the activities. The activities blend a mix of playing, learning and building. One big hit was the new ramp race track. A generous donation provided this – thank you Kathleen’s family! 

Parents must sign a Covid waiver before participating. The staff members clean and sanitize the stations between each family’s use. Kids must wear provided plastic gloves for legos. 

This mobile Kids Square is FREE! The park location makes it easy to move around and keep social distance from others. The park setting means you can bring your own food.  I saw several moms and kids have a picnic after playing. The only bathrooms available are what the park has, in this case it was port-a-potties.

Overall my kids had fun! I asked another family if they liked it and the eight-year-old enthusiastically said yes! This mobile Kids Square is for all age groups!

Kids Square directors say they want to continue this at least once a month, weather permitting. They say to watch the Kids Square Facebook page for announcements on the next date and location. 

Also, the mobile Kids Square is possible thanks to donors. If any person or business wants to make a donation to provide the mobile Kids Square in communities, they’d love to hear from you and discuss!

Now it’s time to visit somewhere else. If you have recommendations on where we should go or what we should do, let me know! We are so excited to check-out everything!

Angela Evans

Angela Evans is a former tv reporter turned stay-at-home mom. She and her husband Cody have three children. They moved to Virginia in 2018. When she’s not Roaming Roanoke, she is probably drinking sweet tea, reading a book or dancing.
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