Roaming Roanoke: Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts

This edition of Roaming Roanoke is back to food! We are talking about Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts!

With all of the snow, rain, and cold temperatures lately, it has limited our ability to go out and do fun activities. However, getting food is always an option! Luckily, the Roanoke Valley has so many unique options! Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts is one of those!

I wrote about donuts earlier this month and I promise I am not a donut connoisseur. My five-year-old daughter just really likes donuts! She asks for them all the time. When I saw that Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts was going to be set-up near us, I knew we needed to check it out! It was so worth it! My mouth melts just thinking about those donuts!

Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts is based in Lynchburg but travels around in its camper food truck slinging donuts to customers! The menu is simple but oh so delicious! The truck menu consists of cinnamon sugar and maple sugar donuts. The Mama Crockett website states, “At Mama Crockett’s, we really only make one thing… the best apple cider donut EVER! It starts with local, fresh-pressed apple cider sourced directly from an orchard in Nelson County, VA. We mix the cider straight into our batter, fry it while you wait and roll those babies in delicious coatings straight out of the fryer.” (info from

We visited the Mama Crockett’s truck at Ace Hardware in Salem. We ordered a halfie of cinnamon sugar and we started devouring them in the car immediately! THEY ARE SO GOOD! We need to try the maple sugar next time but I will definitely be getting some cinnamon sugar again! The cinnamon sugar halfie order didn’t even last a few hours with our family. I should have gotten the dozie and will next time!

By the way, it is fun to watch the donuts come to you down a chute! The kids really enjoyed watching the box come down and catching it!

The prices are as follows: Cinnamon Sugar – $10 dozie or $6 halfie; Maple Sugar – $15 dozie or $8 halfie; Split Box – $13 dozie or $7 halfie

The Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts Facebook page creates events and posts each day or week where the truck will be! There are plenty of opportunities all over the region to find some Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts!

Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts also has a brick and mortar location in Lynchburg. We have not been to it (yet!). The website ( says it has the same menu as the trucks with additional coatings or dips available. There are also slushies!

So check out Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts Facebook page and website for all of the details and places to find the donuts! We can’t wait to have more when they set-up near us again!

If you have a place or event for Roaming Roanoke to visit, please let me know!

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Angela Evans

Angela Evans is a former tv reporter turned stay-at-home mom. She and her husband Cody have three children. They moved to Virginia in 2018. When she’s not Roaming Roanoke, she is probably drinking sweet tea, reading a book or dancing.
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