Roaming Roanoke: Salem YMCA

This week’s Roaming Roanoke edition is celebrating with the Salem YMCA! It reached its 25th anniversary last week!

The YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge has several locations and serves thousands of families with fitness options, child care, youth sports and dance, and so much more! Each location provides so much for individuals and families! We are looking at the Salem YMCA location because it recently turned 25!

The Salem YMCA opened on February 24th, 1996. It has undergone some renovations and additions throughout the years. It currently has a wellness room, rooms for classes, a gym, two indoor pools, child care room, a kitchen area, and so much more!

We have a family membership there and we love it! My two older children have enjoyed soccer and tee ball, dance classes, and swim classes! My husband and I enjoy exercising there whether in the wellness room or group fitness classes. You can choose just about any kind of exercise class you want! As a mother, the thing I love most is the child care option while I am there! It is so nice to put my kids in the stay and play room with people who lovingly watch over them while I can get some time to myself for exercise (or read a book or any other activity). By the way, the stay and play room follows all Covid guidelines and strives to keep kids healthy and safe.

My kids also really like Y-Town inside, which is a smaller version of Kids Square. It is currently closed for Covid restrictions. I cannot even add up all of the hours we spent there before Covid forced it to close. Once Y-Town re-opens, I am sure we will be there as much as possible!

The facility itself is nice and clean. All of the employees greet you with a smile and seem to have your best interest at heart whether your health, physical fitness needs, caring for your children, or teaching them in the youth activities. 

If you want to know just how much the employees love the Salem YMCA, I can show you. I asked for one or two to tell me how they feel about the Salem YMCA and it reaching the 25th anniversary milestone. I was blown away with the responses! All of the employees responded! They are so excited to show their love for the YMCA, their jobs, and the people they serve! Here are their answers!

“The Salem Y has been my “happy place” for many years!  As a group ex instructor and personal trainer, I have enjoyed sharing fitness as a passion with many members.  But we share much more than that.  We share our lives, losses, and lots of laughs.  I love Salem, and I love the Salem Y.”

Dutchie Mirolli, Wellness Coordinator

“I moved to Salem 15 years ago and joined the Y upon our move here so my 4 yr old, 2yr old and 4 month old would have a place to go and swim for fun.  We needed a place to help us adjust to our new home.  We immediately made friends in the pool and now I have a Freshman in college who received a YMCA scholarship because of her involvement in our Salem Y.  I have two teenagers still active on the swim team here being able to excel in their sport, even through a pandemic, as they both have achieved Championship qualifying times in their swimming that allows them to experience National level competitions.  My entire family is employed by the Salem Y so the Salem Y in its 25 years has impacted our lives significantly!  As an employee I have seen our Y serve countless children and families in the pool and what I love best is we offer programs that are flexible, affordable and accommodating while at the same time allow families and children to challenge themselves and grow on their own time.”

Marianne Fleenor, Aquatics Director

“I worked in the commercial fitness setting for several years before finding my home here at the Y. As a member of our Y’s team, I love knowing that the Y is more than a “Gym and Swim.” We are a cause-driven organization that makes a real and lasting impact in our community. Whether a person is seeking quality child care, a way to be healthier, or financial assistance, the Y is for EVERYONE!”

Nancy Greene, Senior Program Director

“Being able to be a resource and aid for the families in our area, make our job in Youth and Family so rewarding!  Seeing the children’s faces when they get to attend a program with us is all the thanks we need!”

Amy Ralston, Youth and Family Director

“25 years of the Salem Family YMCA….where do we even begin? 

One word I would use to describe the Salem Family YMCA is consistent. Twenty-five consistent years of changing lives, community growth, outreach, and service. We’ve been here for everything from swim lessons to summer camp, youth sports to senior activities, and everything in between. Being an active part of an organization that truly loves the community it serves is incredibly special. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful community and cannot wait to see what the next twenty-five bring!”

Amanda Keffer, Membership Director

“Milestones are achieved at the Salem Family YMCA every day, whether it be learning how to swim, shaving a minute off your mile, a 5lb PR, or a child’s first day of Y Afterschool. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Salem Family YMCA’s own recent milestone – 25 years of serving the Salem community! I am so thankful for the members who decide to include the Salem Y in their journey and the opportunity to know and serve them.”

Aislinn Foutz, Membership Coordinator

Congratulations to the Salem YMCA for turning 25! Here’s to the next 25! 

Salem Family YMCA 

1126 Kime Lane  

Salem, VA 24153  


By the way, last year during one of my son’s YMCA soccer practices, a rainbow appeared over the YMCA. I snapped a picture and am now sharing with all of you!

If you have a place or event for Roaming Roanoke to visit, please let me know!

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