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GROWING​ ​UP​ ​IN​ ​THE​ ​VALLEY​ ​CANCELS​ ​5th​ ​BIRTHDAY​ ​PARTY​ ​IN​ ​ORDER TO​ ​FUND​ ​AND​ ​INTRODUCE​ ​NEW​ ​SCHOLARSHIP​ ​PROGRAM Growing Up In the Valley magazine, the region’s largest free publication, is proud to announce a new scholarship program to help kids in the region achieve their dreams. Growing Up In the Valley’s Birthday Scholarship. Growing Up in the Valley’s Birthday Scholarship will make $500 available to kids ages 5-18 to help achieve their dreams. The funds can be used for athletics, dance, creative arts, lessons, technology. This includes anything they need to get closer to their goal. This Scholarship will be awarded to one child per year, starting with the first recipient this December.


In order to award this gift to a local child, Growing Up In the Valley has decided to cancel their upcoming Birthday Bash at Roanoke Catholic on October 14th. The funds put aside for this event will be used to fund the new annual scholarship for kids that has been created. “The goal of our 5th Birthday event was always to give the presents and accolades to our readers,” said Josh Eagan, publisher of Growing Up In the Valley. “When we sat down and tried to piece together our event, we realized that throwing another event for the community was not the right thing to do. We decided that we can use this money to make a difference for a child in our region who is struggling or is in need.”


In order to apply for this scholarship, Growing Up In the Valley requires a photo and a completed photo release form. A personal essay of a minimum of 500 words explaining what their goal is and what they have done so far to obtain it, and a recommendation letter from either a family member, teacher or coach that explains why we should choose the child as the scholarship winner. This year, the winner will be announced in the December issue. In future years, the winner will be announced in our October issue, which is our annual Kids Take Over Issue. “We want children who have the talent to attend a dance competition to get that chance. We want kids who have the drive to join a travel team to be able to do that,” said Eagan. “These things cost money that sometimes their families cannot afford. That’s where we want to help.” Children can apply for this scholarship by emailing  Emails must contain: Essay, Letter of Recommendation, Photos and Completed Photo Release form.

Child Photo Release Form


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