The Mom Squad

We want Moms in our region to help GROW Growing Up In the Valley by joining our MOM SQUAD!


Mom Squad intro graphic


The Mom Squad is a unique focus group & street team that will help us do MANY Things around the region.  Moms will take surveys, test products, write reviews and more!  Moms who participate will be invited (with the little ones!) to attend private events throughout the year as well and will receive special discounts and more for helping us out!


A Select Group of Moms will be invited to be Mom VIPs and will help us reach new advertisers, introduce other Moms to our magazine and find new spots for us to distirbute to!


Of course, this is free to join and we welcome everyone who has children of any age (you too, Grandmas!)


How to Join:


Fill out the survey below and you will be signed up for our Mom Squad email newsletter. The newsletters will alert you when we have open surveys, test products, special events and early announcements about all the great things Growing Up in the Valley is doing in the area for you and your family.


How to Leave:

Use the Unsubscribe link in your initial welcome newsletter, it may take up to a week for your email to be removed from our list.