Top Ten Cutest Things Babies Do

Babies. From diaper changes to midnight feedings to spit-up, they’re a full-time responsibility. However, one cannot deny that in spite of all this, babies do the most adorable things that would leave anyone feeling melted. There's just something about their big shining eyes and button noses that draws us in and stirs our most tender feelings.

Here are the top ten adorable things that would make any one of us want to pick up the child with an ‘aww…’.


#1 Holding Your Finger with Her Hand

You know it — she grabs a single finger with her whole hand, and it’s ridiculously adorable. It not only leaves you strangely surprised at how tiny her fingers and hands are, but also makes you feel a heightened sense of joy because of the trust this tiny human is placing in you. You can try wriggling your finger from her grip only to feel her tiny fingers hold on more tightly.

#2 Smiling in His Sleep

Putting a baby to sleep can be a mammoth of a task, but once he’s out, it’s so gratifying to simply watch him lie there with his sweet, closed eyes. It’s especially overwhelming to see him smile in his sleep as he dreams, his mouth slightly open in a toothless crescent.


#3 Rolling Over for the First Time

When your child is early in the process of her physical development and she rolls over for the first time, it’s both an impressive milestone and an adorable video or photo opp. Her expression after having rolled over is often utter confusion, and she lies there, not knowing what just happened until you pick her up and put her back on her tummy.


#4 Yawning

When a little baby is feeling sleepy and decides to give out a little yawn, it’s one of the cutest things you can witness. He stretches his hands and lets out a tiny O-shaped yawn that makes any heart skip a beat.


#5 Sneezing

Whatever babies do, they do it adorably — including sneezing. While sneezing may be a pretty simple bodily function, a baby somehow makes it a heart-melting moment. That's the power of being a baby.

#6 Putting Her Toes in Her Mouth

The only thing cuter than baby toes is a baby sucking on her toes. Not only is this adorable, it’s an important milestone. Her hands aren't fully coordinated yet, but she’s learning more about the objects around her — including her own toes! She’ll put everything she can into her mouth to explore it. Sucking her own toes provides body awareness and is very satisfying for your little one.

#7 Giggling

When he discovers how to smile, giggle, and laugh, it is adorable. These giggles are filled with pleasure, innocence, and authenticity. No adult can laugh in the way a baby does. Not only is it fun to hear him giggle, it’s awesome when you’re the one who makes it happen.


#8 Trying to “Talk”

A baby starts making sounds very early on. She’ll mimic you and try to get her little voice heard. As soon as she realizes she can make noises, it’ll be hard to get quiet moments. Babies love the sounds of their voices and experimenting with screams, sounds, and words.


#9 Crawling for the First Time

Babies grow up fast, and one of the first things they learn after they roll over is crawling. The strong desire of a baby to move on his own without the help from the parents is both brave and sweet. Once he gets it, he loves nothing more than crawling around the house.


#10 Blowing Kisses

That precious moment when your little one first smacks her own mouth with her chubby little hand and blows you a kiss is so cute! And recognizing her own hand enough to bring it to her mouth is a big development, too.

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