Adventure Us: Walrond Park (North Roanoke)

Adventure #4: Walrond Park (North Roanoke)

If you’re looking for a convenient place to relax and enjoy nature in the Hollins area of Roanoke, then Walrond Park is a great place to explore! Located just off Peters Creek Road near I-81, Walrond Park offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities plus the chance to experience nature without leaving the city. 

Walrond Park offers sports fields (this may be why you’ve visited it in the past!), tennis courts, a disc golf course, a playground (most accessible from the Enon Dr entrance), a picnic shelter, grills, and restrooms. It also happens to be the home of the Star City Soap Box Derby, which occasionally hosts events at its spiffy derby track. Even when not in official use as a car track, it makes an excellent runway for toy airplanes. 🙂

Most interesting for our family was the short nature trail, which winds through the woods, around the pond, and across the wetland area via a hidden boardwalk offshoot. The pond at Walrond Park is spring fed and a nesting ground for various birds, including several migratory species at different times of year. There is a boardwalk to a viewing station where you can look out into the wetland area – an excellent spot for bird or turtle watching. Along the trail, we found a profusion of interesting plants. Among them: wild roses, blackberries, jewelweed, and milkweed. Though small, the woodland area is a pleasant, wild haven in the middle of the city.  

Another fun feature the park hides are the low-set, large boulders near the playground area (you can just make them out on the far right-hand side of this photo). They offer a great spot for perching, both for you and your kids—you, to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains, and your kids to practice their rock climbing skills. And don’t forget to check the little free library on the corner by the park sign as you leave the playground area!

Is Walrond Park on your radar as a fun place to spend a few hours of the day? It should be!

Name: Walrond Park, 6824 Walrond Dr, Roanoke, VA 24019

Time from Roanoke: 5-15 minutes

Activity Options: Trails, Pond, Playground, Picnic Area, Sports, Racetrack, Little Free Library

Nearby Food: Agave Azul, Harbor Inn, Lew’s Restaurant, Hollywood’s Cafe and Bakery, Alejandro’s

Nearby Attractions: Hollins University, Carvins Cove Reservoir

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