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Adventure Us: Roaring Run

One spot our family has consistently loved and returned to over and over is Roaring Run Falls in Eagle Rock. The Roanoke area is teeming with places that are rich in both natural beauty and fascinating history, and Roaring Run is one of the best of them all. Although the Roaring Run Falls trail has…
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Adventure Us: Explore Park

Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a privilege we try not to take lightly, and we love to find new ways and new places to enjoy this beautiful area. But we also have our old favorite haunts, and one of those is Explore Park, located just southeast of Roanoke along the Blue Ridge Parkway…
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Adventure Us: Carvins Cove

Adventure #9: Carvins Cove Occasionally you find places that are fun for everyone from the youngest kids to the most hardcore enthusiasts. Carvins Cove is one of those unique places. Renowned for its 60+ miles of trails, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve draws mountain bikers and horseback riders from across the country. Its 12,500 acres of…
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Adventure Us: Fenwick Mines

Sometimes lesser known places hold a special kind of charm. Tucked away in the wilderness beyond New Castle, Fenwick Mines offers a unique set of attractions: hiking, swimming, picnicking, wildlife, a beautiful waterfall, a unique landscape, historical interest, and restful seclusion. Fenwick Mines Day Use Area has a history that dates back 130 years to…
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Adventure Us: Peaks of Otter

In the dog days of Roanoke summer, when you feel like the bowl of the valley and the urban microclimate are working together to trap the heat and melt you into a puddle, it’s great to know there are cool getaways within an hour’s drive. It’s even better when these getaways have health, scenic, cultural,…
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Adventure Us: Hanging Rock Overlook

Adventure #6: Hanging Rock Overlook There are quite a few limitations on adventuring for young families. You need an activity that’s not too challenging but not too boring… something that requires a bit of effort but plenty of reward. You need to build young characters without losing adult sanity. Just such an adventure awaits at…
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Adventure Us: Cyrus McCormick Farm

Adventure #5: Cyrus McCormick Farm (Raphine) Heading north along the beautiful Blue Ridge for an hour or so brings you to a scenic and historic landmark: the McCormick Farm, located just off I-81 near Raphine, Virginia. Still farmland today, this is the land which nearly 200 years ago belonged to Cyrus McCormick, entrepreneur, inventor, and…
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Adventure Us: Walrond Park (North Roanoke)

Adventure #4: Walrond Park (North Roanoke) If you’re looking for a convenient place to relax and enjoy nature in the Hollins area of Roanoke, then Walrond Park is a great place to explore! Located just off Peters Creek Road near I-81, Walrond Park offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities plus the chance to experience…
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Adventure Us: Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve

Looking for a cool getaway in these sweltering days of summer? Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve provides a respite from the torrid Roanoke valley, offering woodland hiking, mountain streams, tasty foraging, fascinating history, and views of a spectacular, albeit distant, waterfall. Only a 30 to 40 minute drive from downtown Roanoke, Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve occupies…
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Adventure Us: Falls Ridge Preserve, Elliston, VA

In the Roanoke area, you don’t have to venture far off the beaten path to find natural treasures the whole family can enjoy. Just east of Blacksburg, along the North Fork of the Roanoke River, Falls Ridge Preserve boasts unique beauty and diversity accessible to explorers of all ages. A short quarter mile hike brings…
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