Adventure Us: Addy Grace Playground

While we love the variety of outdoor adventures that Roanoke and the surrounding areas offer, it’s wise to remind ourselves that not everyone is blessed with the means to enjoy those adventures. That’s why it’s good to celebrate places in the Roanoke area that are specially designed to serve families of all abilities. One such place is Addy Grace Playground.

This cheery, creative little play area is tucked away in Daleville, minutes off I-81, next to the Botetourt YMCA. Every part of this facility was crafted with careful purpose to serve the needs of every child; it is truly, as it is called, an all-inclusive playground. The equipment is outfitted with ramps and harnesses to allow it to be safely accessed and enjoyed by all children, regardless of their physical limitations. The farm-themed play environment is designed to engage all parts of a child’s experience—strength, skill, sensory. The soft ground surface protects and aids all forms of locomotion—running, jumping, crawling, wheeling. And wisely, the entire area is surrounded by a fence—a feature especially appreciated by parents of the youngest kids. 

And all this careful thought enhances the fun. No matter their needs or ages, all kids can play side by side on an even footing at Addy Grace. Our kids love the zip line, the merry-go-round, and the roller slide. Perhaps the only thing one could wish for is a few more areas of shade on sweltering afternoons. 

Addy Grace Playground, completed two years ago, was inspired by a family’s experiences with the special needs of their own child. Its construction was supported by many local businesses and individuals through the Addy Grace Foundation. The playground is free to all, and restrooms are available inside the adjacent YMCA (accessible without a membership).

Enjoy hours of adventure for the family at this innovative, modern playground! 

Name: Addy Grace Foundation All-Inclusive Playground, 115 Shenandoah Ave, Daleville, VA 24083

Time from Roanoke: < 30 minutes

Activity Options: All-inclusive, safe family play

Nearby Food: Town Center Tap House, Donnie D’s Bagels and Deli, other Daleville favorites

Nearby Attractions: Ikenberry Orchards, Carvins Cove, Roaring Run Falls

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