Adventure Us: Corbin’s Confections

For years, my husband and I enjoyed an era of culinary freedom: we were young, allergy-free, high-metabolism people who could eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. And we did!

Now we are slightly less young and our metabolisms are slightly slower. Most important of all, we have joined the ranks of the many people with special food needs: my husband has recently developed a gluten intolerance. After years of carefree eating and cooking, we have finally begun to recognize the unique challenges that come with dietary restrictions – challenges that many families have dealt with for years with much greater severity. Perhaps the greatest heartache is the loss of so much comfort food: fresh bread, pasta, pastries. Our family trips to Krispy Kreme have become tragically curtailed. How can we survive the loss of so many things dear to our stomachs?

Well, one answer might be to gain a little perspective: on the list of most important things in life, donuts barely crack the top 10! But another very good answer is Corbin’s Confections. Located in quaint downtown Salem, this small family-run bakery produces a wide array of delicious gluten-free, nut-free, preservative-free baked goods. In business since 2016, its diverse menu includes everything from biscuits to pies to cookies to fresh bread, plus frozen items you can take home and bake yourself. It also provides a healthy selection of cakes for events and celebrations. Everything we’ve tried there has been excellent in both flavor and texture – the maple donuts and chocolate brownies have been our favorites so far.

Due to the pandemic, Corbin’s Confections has only been available for outdoor customers at its pickup window. This is a small inconvenience for the enjoyment of its baked goods. But that inconvenience is going away very soon – the store re-opens to in-person customers on July 2, in time for the Independence Day holiday.

If you are like us and have special dietary needs – or even if you don’t – here’s a great weekend adventure: visit downtown Salem, browse the many small antique shops, and drop into Corbin’s Confections to enjoy a delicious and anxiety-free culinary adventure!

Name: Corbin’s Confections, 18 East Main Street Salem, VA 24153

Time from Roanoke: <15 minutes

Activity Options: Take your sweet treats and wander through the nearby book and antique shops, or visit a nearby park

Nearby Food: If you need a main course first, check out several local favorites like Mac and Bob’s, Macado’s, Abrakabra, or Joe’s Deli

Nearby Attractions: Charlotte’s Web Antique Mall, Longwood Park, Salem Museum, Salem Greenway 

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