Special Needs

Public School or Private School? Do your homework …

All parents at some point are likely to have the discussion as their children start to grow, learn, talk, walk, etc.  Do we put our kids in public school or private school? Assuming we can afford private school … is it really any better than public school? What are some advantages? What about any disadvantages?…
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from Campy Jaycee

Camping for Special Needs

  Canoeing, hiking, swimming, postcards from home, and don’t forget the bug spray! Ah, summer camp. It’s a great way for kids to develop new friendships, learn new skills, and have fun in a safe, structured environment, and it’s also nice for parents to get a break sometimes. The benefits of a summer camp program…
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Ten Things Every Family Should Know about Autism

With an estimated one in 88 children diagnosed with autism, it is not surprising that so many families are struggling with decisions and next steps for their children who were recently diagnosed.  For the parents who are devastated to first hear the word “autism” from a developmental pediatrician or other professional, there is hope!  In…
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Speech Development

By: Heidi Blackwelder     The first three years of a child’s life are the most important years for healthy speech development, because this is the time when the brain does most of its growing and maturing. In fact, during this time there are “critical periods” for speech development, where the brain is most able…
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Being AWARE – Autism Awareness

Chances are, most of us know someone affected by Autism, whether through a family member or a child of a friend. During the month of April, doctors, teachers, parents and loved ones will celebrate Autism Awareness Month by helping to increase education and awareness of autism and disorders across the autism spectrum. More and more…
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