Meet Your Neighbor: Misty Lenk, Lenk Orthodontics

Dr. Misty Lenk loves smiles! She loves giving smiles to others and creating smiles on her patients! Dr. Lenk is an orthodontist and operator of Lenk Orthodontics in Daleville. She is also a wife, mother, basketball coach, volunteer, and whatever else is needed to support her family, patients, and community.

Dr. Lenk grew up in Richmond, Virginia where she became interested in healthcare. She later decided to become a dentist. “I became introduced to the idea of dentistry as a career option after talking to my dentists, both of which were females. Talking to them and shadowing them at their office made me realize the dental field offered me everything I could dream of – an ability to provide a healthcare service, the ability to have a family and work, and the ability to incorporate my love of science and art in my everyday working life,” Dr. Lenk said. She attended Notre Dame for her undergraduate degree and then came home to Virginia for dental school at VCU/MCV. While there, she discovered her love of orthodontics and then studied at University of Florida and the Ohio State University to obtain her orthodontic specialty.

Their love of family drew Dr. Lenk and her husband back home to Virginia. With relatives in Richmond and Martinsville, they decided Roanoke was the best place for their young family. She said, “Roanoke and its surrounding regions fit our needs and desires perfectly! It’s not too big. It has culture and personality. It has a lower cost of living. It is absolutely beautiful and offers a ton of outside activities, and most of all, it is filled with an amazing community of people that love and support each other!”

Dr. Lenk supports everyone from her family to her patients. She has operated Lenk Orthodontics for twelve years now! Dr. Lenk said of her practice, “My patients and their parents are not ‘numbers’ or ‘dollar signs.’ I know every single patient by name and often know the names of their best friends and pets! I don’t value my success based on how many offices I have, how many patients I see, or how much money I make. Success is when I make a difference in a person’s life when I use my education, experience and talents to give my patients reasons to smile.”

She tries to make patients and families smile no matter what. She said she decorates her office for each season and holiday. Her staff keeps the office full of quick wit and laughter. 

Dr. Lenk says she understands how braces and orthodontic care can cause stress on a family. She tries to alleviate that. Dr. Lenk said, “I had to work 1-3 jobs while in school in order to get my education and pay for my living expenses. I had to build my own building and start my business from the ground up right out of school. As a result, I value my practice, and I probably understand the families of my practice more than the average professional. I struggled at the beginning creating this business while growing my young family. I struggled to learn the craft of running a business and managing staff, while perfecting my orthodontic skills. My practice is now twelve years in the making. Although I’m always striving to improve things, I can honestly say the effort and work has been worth it. I now have a seasoned practice that produces the most amazing smiles out there.  We make our patients smile by fixing their orthodontic problems, and we make the families of our practice smile because we work hard to ensure they receive the care they want without breaking their bank!”

Dr. Lenk’s smiles extend outside of her building. She donates time and money to numerous organizations in the Roanoke Valley. They range from non-profits to schools to athletic groups. “My job is to create beautiful smiles. Community service is as important to creating smiles as braces in my mind!” she said.

Dr. Lenk and her husband also stay very busy at home and with their four children, three daughters and one son, plus their two dogs, a cat, a hamster and a hedgehog! She said the entire family loves animals and desires more pets! 

The family loves the outdoors and hiking most of the trails in the region. They also enjoy going to Smith Mountain Lake. Dr. Lenk says her family enjoys watching basketball, volleyball, and cross country events. Their four children are involved in several activities, and Dr. Lenk and her husband support them all and spend a lot of time going to games or events to help or cheer on their child. She says their family just likes to spend time together from extracurricular activities, outdoors, or at home.”When we are at home we do a lot of cooking and baking. Eating is really our favorite thing to do,” she joked.

Dr. Lenk says the family’s love of outdoors, both land and water, and food make the Roanoke Valley the perfect spot to live and work. “I love the fact that Ronaoke is big enough to have two Indian restaurants, but small enough to maintain a small town warmth. I have everything I need in Roanoke. I have patients that drive from every region of the Roanoke Valley to receive care at my office. One of the reasons they are able to work with me is because our community is not too large and congested. In my eyes Roanoke is not a small town, but it has that special something every small town in the movies has – character and amazing people that love and support each other,” she said.

Love and supporting each other is exactly what Dr. Lenk does at Lenk Orthodontics and the Roanoke Valley! “My primary focus is being the best wife, mother, and orthodontist possible. I treat my practice like they’re my fifth child. I put everything I have of myself into the things I love, my patient and practice is included,” she said.

Dr.. Misty Lenk, D.D.S., M.S.

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