Meet Your Neighbor: Noel Anderson, Anderson Music Therapy

Meet Your Neighbor…

Noel Anderson!

When Noel Anderson MMT, MT-BC, moved to Roanoke in 2011, it didn’t take long for her to notice the challenge families had in getting services for their children with special needs. So she created Anderson Music Therapy to fill that need and be a resource in helping families find the support they required within the community.

Serving people with diverse needs, birth through older adult, is Noel’s passion. Part of serving those individuals is also supporting their families. Anderson Music Therapy exists to be a community and support system for families in Southwest Virginia.

Noel began singing do-wop songs and songwriting before she could read or write legibly. At the age of ten, she began singing publicly — and hasn’t stopped performing since. While her main instrument is voice, she also plays the guitar, piano, and flute. Noel received a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from Immaculata University after completing her clinical internship at Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy in Philadelphia. She earned a Master of Music Therapy degree at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and continued her education by obtaining certification in Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University. Along with her music therapy certification, she is also certified in music education.

Noel has been a music therapist for more than a decade. Before founding Anderson Music Therapy, she established and developed a school-based music therapy program for children and adults with multiple disabilities. During this time, she loved working closely alongside speech, occupational, and physical therapists, as well as teachers and paraprofessionals (she misses them a TON).

“Many people run into barriers that prevent them from having the quality of life (emotional, physical, and social well-being) they really want,” Noel said. She uses evidence-based music therapy, art therapy, and counseling to empower people to overcome those barriers and be their best selves at home, work, and in the community.

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Fun Fact about Noel: Her passion for music therapy has been shared globally; she has used music therapy in both Africa and India.

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