Meet Your Neighbors: Mills and Shannon Dentistry

Dr. Michele M. Mills and Dr. Travis M. Shannon spread cheer through Salem and Roanoke one smile at a time! 

From their family dental practice, to baseball fields, to local parks, you can find them and their family taking care of the community and enjoying all the Roanoke Valley area has to offer.

The married dentists have their own family practice! Mills and Shannon Dentistry perform regular and complex dental work on adults and children, and Dr. Mills and Dr. Shannon believe it is a perfect partnership. Dr. Mills and Dr. Shannon are proud to call Roanoke home!

Dr. Mills and Dr. Shannon specifically chose to live in the Roanoke area! Dr. Mills says she was a Navy kid and grew up in South Carolina, Hawaii, and New York. She says they both attended the Medical University in South Carolina. They married in 1998. Dr. Mills said they drove from South Carolina to home in New York frequently, and Roanoke was the halfway point. Because of those drives, they chose to live in the Roanoke area! Dr. Mills said, “We grew to love the beauty of the area. There are many outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. We knew it would be a wonderful place to raise a family. I also hoped we would get snow!” 

Before coming to Roanoke and Salem, the couple both served in the Navy following graduation in 2001. Dr. Mills said they spend four and a half years in the Navy with tours in Norfolk, Parris Island, and Guam. They both did their residency in the military. “It was a wonderful experience and I treasure the memories from our Navy days,” said Dr. Mills.

Following their Navy service, the couple moved to Salem and spent around two years as associate dentists. They began their own private practice when two other dentists retired. 

Mills and Shannon Dentistry opened its doors in 2008 in Salem. “Working with my husband is wonderful. It was not our original plan when we moved to the valley; however, it ended up being a perfect partnership. We both share the same goals and ethics. He enjoys complex surgery cases and I enjoy seeing children. So, I see all the kids in the office and he takes out all the difficult teeth! We both do all other dentistry such as crowns, dentures, fillings, and implant cases. I see both adults and children. Over the years, our patients get to know us and many of them have met my children when they were in the office. It truly is a family practice,” said Dr. Mills.

Dr. Mills and Dr. Shannon have two sons, Ashton, 15, and Chase, 13. Her mother Ann moved to Roanoke to live close to them. The family loves the outdoors and sports, especially baseball. When not at the dental office, baseball dominates their time. Dr. Mills said one of their favorite activities is watching their sons play baseball. She enjoys taking pictures of the team in action. The family loves practicing on the baseball field at North Cross School.

The family also likes snow skiing. Their favorite places to travel are Winterplace and Snowshoe. Other favorite outdoor activities include hiking and taking their dog Daisy to the park. Green Hill Park is their favorite park for fun!

Their love of outdoors and sports extends to the community and other families. Mills and Shannon Dentistry gives back each year. They sponsor patients’ sports teams and yearbooks. They have also given large donations to the NCS Baseball Team and the Science Museum. Dr. Mills said, “I love the community. Our city is growing but still has a small town feel. I am very proud to call Roanoke and Salem home.”

Dr. Mills say their patients and their staff make this the best place for their family to live and work. She said, “I often say I have the coolest patients in town. Being a dentist was my dream from about middle school age. My patients are thoughtful and kind and funny. My team is also amazing. It is difficult to find the perfect words to describe how fortunate I feel to take care of my patients and work with my amazing team. I still love what I do!”

The dentists thank the Roanoke and Salem communities for letting them make this home!

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