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For this edition of Roaming Roanoke we are talking about a fun place for preschoolers and other family members to play and learn – Melody Makers!

My youngest child is two years old and LOVES to sing and dance. Every time she hears music, whether on the radio, on television (commercial jingles can break her out into dance mode), or even in a public place with music playing. Once she turned two, I saw an ad for Melody Makers classes, and knew this is just what she needed. I was so right! We love Melody Makers!

Melody Makers is music classes for toddlers and preschool aged children. They also offer art and science classes and several family class options. My youngest daughter and I are in a toddler music class. It’s our first class ever at Melody Makers and we love it! Ms. Maria, the teacher and Melody Makers director, and other teachers sing, dance, and make class involvement fun for all! She plays a series of songs and each has a different prop or instrument, like drums, shakers, castanets, scarves, streamers, etc. One of my daughter’s favorites is Water Music and Ms. Maria uses a water bottle to mist water in the room. It’s almost like my daughter and her classmates turn into Singin’ In the Rain with the dancing under it (it’s not a lot of water, they don’t get really wet). Towards the end of class, there is a puppet show with the famous giraffe Gigi and her friends. They also sing and interact with the music and all of the kids absolutely LOVE them! Gigi knows all of the kids’ names and that always makes it special. The music class is only 30 minutes long which is good for toddlers’ attention span but always leaves them wanting more! All of the classes enhance motor skills as well. 

We have not participated in any art or science classes yet but others I have talked to enjoy them as well. The kids can make items to take home or learn about how things work!

Melody Makers follows all Covid pandemic guidelines with masks worn indoors according to state guidelines and outdoor class options. Temperature checks are at the door before class. Families are spaced out six feet apart in the room indoors. The children are allowed to run around though and interact with each other if they want. Each child has their own bag with instruments and props without sharing. Other items are sanitized between classes. They also have a video series if you are not comfortable attending a public space with others yet. 

Both indoor and outdoor classes are scheduled throughout the week at different days and times to accommodate family’s schedules. We attend a weekday morning class while my two older children are in elementary school and preschool. There are Saturday class options. Siblings are also welcome at classes. You can find all of the information and class descriptions on the website

Summer session sign-ups are already underway! You can find the summer class schedule and pricing online.—Music–Art–Science—Math–up-to-8-yrs-.html

We are almost through the spring session at Melody Makers and are sad to see the session end. My daughter loves it! We are looking forward to the summer session! Melody Makers has been the best time for my daughter to sing, dance, and enhance motor skills and social skills! It’s also great family-friendly entertainment for all!

If you have a place or event for Roaming Roanoke to visit, please let me know! 

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Angela Evans

Angela Evans is a former tv reporter turned stay-at-home mom. She and her husband Cody have three children. They moved to Virginia in 2018. When she’s not Roaming Roanoke, she is probably drinking sweet tea, reading a book or dancing.
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