Roaming Roanoke: The Dilly Dally

For this edition of Roaming Roanoke, we visited a popular spot in Salem on its first anniversary – The Dilly Dally!

The Dilly Dally is just what it is called – a place where you can dilly dally during your day! The Dilly Dally is a neighborhood store where you can shop, eat from the prepared hot food, or enjoy some scoops of ice cream! Seriously, it is so HOT outside these days that this is the perfect spot to spend some time this summer!

The Dilly Dally opened one year ago on June 3rd, 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic! The neighborhood general store and restaurant has grown in the past year and is a premier place to stop! The Dilly Dally has a long history in the area, and its new owners and operators hope to capture what it was in the community decades ago. The Dilly Dally website states, “In the long tradition of neighborhood stores, the Dilly Dally is a family-run business. Our building is a historic 1910 property that has served as a community hub for years. We want to continue that tradition by extending hospitality to all who come through our door. It’s important to all of us that you have a wonderful visit and leave ready to Spread Some Sunshine!” (info from

The Dilly Dally is located in south Salem on Eddy Avenue. It is located conveniently to the greenway, Moyer Park, and other community landmarks. It is an easy place to stop for lunch, dinner, ice cream, or to grab food from the store. 

We stopped at the Dilly Dally after a long walk on the greenway. We had a large group, myself, my mother-in-law, my five-year-old, two-year-old, and two dogs! The Dilly Dally was the best place to stop for a while after walking on the greenway in the heat! We were able to order lunch and sit outside at the outdoor tables (with shade!) and eat! The Dilly Dally employees also took care of our dogs! They filled up bowls of water and gave them treats at no charge! My mother-in-law had a BLT and said it was a great sandwich! My two daughters and I had hot dogs and chips (and the dogs might have gotten some bites too). For the one year anniversary celebration, we also enjoyed complimentary cupcakes! With as hot as it was outside, there was no way we were leaving without ice cream! The ice cream was the biggest hit! We enjoyed several flavors! My two-year-old had ice cream all over her face and I think she had sampled four flavors when it was finished. The ice cream was so good and we recommend it to everyone!

We also enjoyed excellent customer service! The employees saw that I had kids and dogs and brought our food outside to us when it was ready. They also checked on us and our dogs throughout our time there. Our group definitely dilly dallied there after our walk that afternoon!

The Dilly Dally has a long menu of prepared food and food for sale in the general store. You can find menus and other information on the website at

Congratulations to the Dilly Dally for its one year anniversary in Salem! We are glad you are here and look forward to more visits for food and ice cream in the future!

If you have a place or event for Roaming Roanoke to visit, please let me know!

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