Adventure Us: Exotics and Aquatics

As a busy parent, it’s always a bonus when an item on my to-do list can double as a fun family adventure. That’s why I’m especially fond of Exotics and Aquatics pet store.

Located off Williamson Road north of Hershberger not far from Valley View Mall, Exotics and Aquatics is a haven for exotic animal owners and lovers. From the moment you step through the door and are greeted cheerily by one (or more) exotic birds, to the boas and pythons hanging out in the back corner, this place is full of adventures.  Reptiles, arachnids, birds, fish, and small mammals of all sorts call this place home. Beyond the diversity of the tenants, it’s clear that they are happy, and the staff has a passion for caring for them. (Try finding a worker at a chain pet store who is on a first name basis with all their reptiles!) Furthermore, the friendly workers will spontaneously bring out the animals and let kids pet them, hold them, and ask questions about them. Each time we’ve been in the store, a new adventure has been waiting, from the coconut crab to the boa to, most recently, the ferocious venomous 7-inch Vietnamese centipede who eats pinky mice for dinner (a pet like that escaping in the house is definitely the stuff of nightmares.) On our most recent visits, it’s taken us 10 minutes even to get inside, as our kids hang out at the fish display outside the door and let the colorful pond fish nibble their fingers. This place is a fun enough adventure that we have taken guests here to be entertained by the variety of animals and the staff who are eager to educate. It’s only natural that an exotic pet store will attract exotic clientele, so on our last visit my kids were in awe of the friendly customer buying dozens of rats and chatting about his ninety-six reptiles at home. 

We, as only a three-reptile family, also appreciate Exotics and Aquatics not only for their superior service, but for superior prices on reptile food, which makes a trip there doubly worthwhile. It’s little wonder that they are in the process of expanding their store.

If you are an exotic animal junkie, Exotics and Aquatics might have a special place in your future. They are currently hiring for a reptile specialist. If you’re merely a pet owner, support quality local business by visiting them for your supplies. And exotic pet owner or not, visit Exotics and Aquatics for a fun interactive animal adventure!

Name: Exotics and Aquatics, 6447 Williamson Rd, Roanoke, VA 24012 (new location!)

Time from Roanoke: < 20 minutes

Activity Options: Pet supplies, interactive experiences with all sorts of animals

Nearby Food: Many Hollins area restaurants

Nearby Attractions: All of downtown Roanoke only minutes away 

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Cristy Carr

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