Adventure Us: Grandin Village Christmas lights

In the bleak Covid winter, when the days are chilly, night falls by 5 pm, and you’re looking for a Christmas activity that is socially distanced, warm, and cheery, may we suggest taking a drive through Grandin Village?

Grandin Village is an interesting little sub-community within southwest Roanoke. Centered around the historic Grandin Theatre, this district calls itself “Roanoke’s first suburb”, and holds many buildings and homes dating back over a hundred years. Today, the area has morphed into a tight-knit modern community with a retro feel. The old, closely spaced homes create a communal environment where chickens, pets, and kids seem to wander freely. Grandin Village boasts a farmer’s market, several noteworthy community festivals throughout the year, a number of farm-to-fork restaurants, a unique array of small shops… and one of the most fun, gaudy, immersive Christmas light displays around!

Like other initiatives of Grandin Village, this one is a community effort. Although many other streets and houses are also worth seeing, some of the most hardcore light exhibitionists display their work along the 2200 block of Westover Ave. You can take in the scene either from your car or on foot, although the weather and the pandemic may favor the car option this year. Don’t rush, and don’t follow too closely! Let the whole family soak in the displays adorning the yards and the houses on either side – and even stretching overhead.

We’ve done this tour with our kids as long as we’ve lived here, and by now they know their favorite displays and look for them every year.

Although my husband insists on making comments about the forthcoming electric bills, we all agree that it’s fun that a community would band together to make this kind of display happen. In a year like this, we all need some extra holiday cheer. After you’ve made enough laps to satisfy everyone in the family, check out the community tree at the corner of Grandin and Memorial. Also, before you head home, enjoy one of the local restaurants, swing by Pop’s Ice Cream and Soda Bar to pick up their homemade treat of the day, or get a hot drink from the Little Green Hive!  

Name: Grandin Village holiday lights, Westover Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24015

Time from Roanoke: A few minutes

Activity Options: Lights, decorations, festivity

Nearby Food: tons of local restaurants here – check hours and dining/take-out options! 

Nearby Attractions: Grandin Theatre

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