Adventure Us: Heritage Family Market

It has taken our family years to explore the well kept secrets of the Roanoke area, and in fact we keep discovering more treasures around the valley. One of our more recent discoveries is the Heritage Family Market, tucked away in the community of Fincastle.

This little Mennonite-run hometown store has a lot to offer, and offers it with friendly service. First is the bakery, where fresh bread and rolls are made daily. Then there’s the deli counter, where you can get your own fresh made-to-order sandwiches for a very attractive price. Supplement your sandwich with homemade sides such as potato salad or cole slaw. Next is the array of local and home-grown goods. Many of them are offered seasonally; for example, the current product is local maple syrup. Over the summer, you’ll find all kinds of local produce; in the fall, check in for apple butter, cider, and jams. And around Christmas, watch for specialty candy, cakes, and local eggnog. In addition to all this, there are the specialty items, many of Mennonite origin: preserves, cheeses, salsa, and pickled goods. You can watch fresh peanut butter and almond butter being ground. Finally, filling a niche that my family has been seeking for a while, the Heritage Family Market offers an array of dry bulk foods, some at bargain prices. You can find an array of flours, oatmeal, nuts, spices, seasonings, and dry mixes. A gluten-free section is a welcome addition. Not least, an entire aisle is dedicated to bulk candy of all varieties.

So if, like my husband, you specialize in efficient, utilitarian dates, I suggest the Heritage Family Market. Order your own custom deli or barbeque sandwiches. While they’re being prepared, grab a homemade side, a fresh baked item, or some candy, and look through the store for the items you can’t find at Kroger or Food Lion. Then, when you’re ready, check out and head to a local park for a picnic. Not on Sunday, though: this Mennonite-owned store is only open six days a week. In our experience, that’s true of many of the best establishments.

Name: 36 Botetourt Rd, Fincastle, VA 24090

Time from Roanoke: < 30 minutes

Activity Options: Fresh, homemade breads and deli sandwiches; locally grown products, bulk foods, and specialty items

Nearby Food: Nothing fresher than you’ll find inside the store, though there are good options in Daleville and Troutville

Nearby Attractions: Roaring Run, C&O Railway Heritage Center (Clifton Forge), Catawba Valley, Andy Layne Trail 

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