Adventure Us: Krispy Kreme

Family adventures take many forms. Sometimes they involve wandering the great outdoors; sometimes, exploring a new small town; sometimes, venturing underground. And sometimes, they involve rewarding yourself and your family for surviving a tougher-than-expected adventure… or just a tougher-than-expected week.

Krispy Kreme has a long and storied history of soothing people with simple carbohydrates after difficult weeks. I know this from my own personal experience, but the company’s history predates my own history by several decades. For almost 85 years, Krispy Kreme has been spreading cheer and calories, starting in the south but now all around the country. The site of the first store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is now graced with its own plaque commemorating this turning point in gastronomic history. Back then, Vern Rudolph would sell hot donuts to people off the street during the factory operating hours of midnight to 4 am; today, the illuminated “Hot” sign (6-11 am or 6-10 pm) still beckons passers-by to find awaiting bliss.

My first taste of Krispy Kreme came in the historic 60-year-old Richmond shop. This was my first experience with fresh glazed donuts hot off the assembly line, and it was a life-changing experience. My mother-in-law, who grew up in Richmond, remembers eating hot glazed Krispy Kreme donuts as a child; decades later, her son and I bonded over hot donuts, and our marriage has been happy ever after.

In Roanoke, Krispy Kreme has continued to be the catalyst for many happy events (despite some setbacks). In recent years, we have scored a free sugar high multiple times on National Doughnut Day (June 4 this year), by visiting the store in Halloween costumes, or by dressing up our kids as pirates. Similarly, we have found that there is no better way to reach out to others than a box of Krispy Kreme: this is certainly my husband’s sort of love language (or it was until he developed his gluten intolerance). The store itself is part of the experience; standing in line, our kids watch mesmerized as the magical rings of batter pass along the conveyor belts, navigate the river of oil, and plunge under the waterfall of glazing.  

So, as a reward for a job well done, as a thank you to a special someone, or just as a family treat, stop by the Roanoke Krispy Kreme for an adventure of the palate!

Name: Krispy Kreme, 1625 Hershberger Rd. Roanoke, VA 24012

Time from Roanoke: <15 minutes

Activity Options: Family bonding, personal rejuvenation, hot date

Nearby Food: All you need is inside

Nearby Attractions: Valley View Mall

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