Adventure Us: Taubman Museum

Adventure #35: Taubman Museum of Art

Prominent among the diverse attractions of downtown Roanoke is the Taubman Art Museum.

The first thing you’ll notice about the museum as you enter is its unique architecture. Completed in 2008, the museum facility was named after Nicholas Taubman, former US ambassador, major contributor to the new museum’s construction, and son of Arthur Taubman, a famous Roanoke community and business leader.

The second thing you’ll notice is the admission price: the Taubman museum is free! 

How much your family will enjoy the museum depends on your artistic preferences. Check what is currently on display before going. The current set of exhibits are very diverse and cover a wide range of time, space, and ideas. Our kids found many of them interesting, although be aware that there are works that may be found disturbing (another reason to do your research before you go). The works currently on display range from an ornate Renaissance tapestry to a collection of George Washington-themed works to a gallery devoted to works by African American artists. A number of artists with local roots are also featured. Some exhibits also deal with darker themes, such as the fascinating display of Israeli art, in which violence and conflict feature prominently.

Round out your trip by taking the elevator up to the third floor and taking in the view of the city from the balcony.

The museum makes special efforts to reach out to youth and to be involved in the local communities. Art kits are available at the services desk. Our boys were fascinated by the display of kids’ art – many of these pieces were produced by local artists their own age.

Besides its collection of exhibits, the Taubman has historically offered other programs such as art classes, summer camps, and wine tastings. Many of these activities are currently suspended due to Covid; however, the annual Sidewalk Art Show is still planned for this summer.

For a family excursion that is both fun and thought-provoking, visit the Taubman Museum of Art!

Name: Taubman Museum of Art, 110 Salem Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24011

Time from Roanoke: <15 minutes

Activity Options: Art of all sorts! Take-home art kits for kids and free virtual classes are available. 

Nearby Food: Numerous options within walking distance in downtown Roanoke

Nearby Attractions: Center in the Square, Virginia Museum of Transportation, Elmwood Park, many others 

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