Safe Birth in America

What is your attitude towards birth?  And why? Recently, the news reported about demonstrators around the country, including some in Roanoke, proclaiming the need for “safe birth”.  Many would wonder why groups of dedicated mothers, doulas, midwives and others have concern about the state of birth in this country.  Are you concerned? The answer to…
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Are you making enough milk for baby?//bigstock

Am I Making Enough Milk for Baby?

As a lactation consultant I speak with many new mothers.   I have consistently heard one of their biggest concerns. That concern is “worry about adequate milk supply”.  This, (as well as concern about returning to work) can be a stumbling block to a successful breastfeeding relationship. So how do new mothers become more confident…
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Rhythm of Birth

Rhythm of Birth-Shalene Massie by: Rachel Robison   As a result of her unique personal experiences with pregnancy and childbirth, Shalene Massie, Doula and Childbirth Mentor, has a special perspective on the childbirth process. Massie and her husband met in Blacksburg, Virginia and moved to South Sudan to do mission work soon after the birth…
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Delayed Cord Clamping in Newborns

Recent developments in the topic of Delayed Cord Clamping got me to thinking.  When I began teaching childbirth preparation classes years ago, the “movement” was suggesting many alternatives to accepted hospital protocol.  At that time, the membership of Lamaze International or “ASPO”, (Association for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics as it was originally named) was mostly comprised…
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It Costs How Much to Raise a Baby?

By Sarah Gobble Beneath the gurgles, smiles, excitement of daily discoveries, and remarkable joy that radiates from a baby, lies an unavoidable truth: parenthood is expensive. The average American parent spends 66 dollars a month on disposable diapers, 150 dollars on baby formula, and 286 dollars on childcare, in addition to medical expenses, clothing, and…
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Doctors by Day, Milkin’ Cookies by Night

  During the latter part of 2009, full-time physicians and mothers Cheri Wiggins and Lennox McNeary-Keyes found themselves living on the same street, working in the same department, and struggling to nurse their new babies amidst the stress of their long work days. Little did they know that these seemingly coincidental commonalities would start them…
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Miracles Happen…The Price Family

Jason and Susan Price of Salem received a true Christmas miracle seven years ago. After being born prematurely, their son Conner, a first grader at South Salem Elementary, opened his eyes for the first time. The road to get to that day was an uphill battle. The battle began Wednesday, December 7, 2005, the first…
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