Adventure Us: Roanoke area day trips, Part I

Now that we are finally getting gorgeous fall weather, the time is right to plan some weekend day trips to enjoy the beautiful scenery and unique attractions within driving distance of Roanoke. So, here are a few fun day trips that our family has enjoyed over the past few years, in the hopes that your…
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Virginia’s Native Allspice

This fall we noticed, for the first time, some bushes with bright red berries dotted across our nearby woods. Thanks to the reputation of hollies, poke berries, and other brightly colored inedible wild plants, my first thought was “poisonous!” But after doing some research, we have made quite a contrary discovery. Say hello to spice…
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Roaming Roanoke: Little Green Hive

For this edition of Roaming Roanoke, we visited a popular coffee and smoothie bar – Little Green HIve! It is hard to believe that summer is winding down! Some are already back in school and others will go back soon! I feel like my kids just got out of school and we still have months…
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The 5-Minute Answer: What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

By Marissa Siegel, Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist at Rising Star Speech and Language Services You may have seen someone write a note to communicate their order at a coffee shop. Or maybe you’ve seen someone use a device that speaks for them according to the buttons they press. These are examples of augmentative and alternative…
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How the New Normal Brought Back Family Dinners

The COVID-19 virus most certainly brought the world to its knees and created a new normal for most families; working at home was suddenly a new and welcome change for many parents, and family dinners are making a comeback. It’s a difficult job juggling work-at-home duties, chores around the house, pet needs, wrangling the kids,…
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Avoid the Birthday Party Meltdown

September 11, 2014

A house full of happy children, brightly colored decorations and balloons all over, maybe even a funny clown making balloon animals and squirting water from a fake flower. These are all signs of a great birthday party. However, to some kids, and even some parents, all of these things can be over-stimulating and lead to…

3 Keys to Creating a Life You Love

September 10, 2014

You have discovered your top 5 passions after taking The Passion Test in the last few issues. So now what? How does knowing your passions help you live a passionate, purposeful life?There are 3 keys to living a passionate life. They are: Intention: Consciously choosing what you want Attention: Putting your energy, time and resources…

Planning a Party 101

September 9, 2014

As I write this story, I am planning a birthday party for my two-year-old daughter, who loves to watch Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies. I spent an hour on a Sunday afternoon using Google’s search for images and a word processing program to create invitations we could email. This shindig is on a budget that does not…

Birthday Gifts on a Budget

September 8, 2014

Birthday parties are great fun!  Kids look forward to attending parties, meeting up with their friends, and socializing in a new place that allows them to have a lot of fun.  In today’s budget conscience world though, birthday gifts can add up, especially when you have multiple children attending more than one birthday party on…

Save This–Buy That: Summer Recipes

September 7, 2014

Growing Up in the Valley magazine has teamed up with Member One Credit Union to help YOU save money. We’ve collected 5 great recipes that feed at least 4 people for under $10! Our All Grown Up Grilled Cheese ($2.14 per Serving) 8 slices of bread 4 oz sharp cheddar cheese 2 cups spinach leaves 1…

Viral News: Do You Teach Your Kid to Share?

July 30, 2014

Ever since I was old enough to understand the dancing purple dinosaur on my TV I’ve been told to share.  I was raised to take turns, be polite, and wait patiently. I’ve been raising my daughter the same way- if she brings a snack to a playdate, she brings enough to share. If she’s playing…

Leftovers into Lunches

July 16, 2014

Lunch is one of the hardest meals for me as a parent. Being in the middle of the day I don’t want to stop everything to cook a brand new meal (not to mention the dishes involved!) and I never want to spend a lot of money, no matter which meal it is. Here come…


Signs of Secondary Drowning

June 17, 2014

A blogger at Huffington Post recounted one of the scariest moments in a parent’s life- her son almost drowned on dry land. Secondary drowning, a little-known condition, was very close to taking her son from her family. As she wrote here “Secondary drowning can be difficult to recognize since the victim appears to be OK…


Protecting Your Kids from Serious Injury is Easier than You Think

May 2, 2014

Bumps and bruises are just part of growing up. And as parents, we try to keep our children safe and protected, but an accident is bound to happen no matter how closely we watch them. While some falls can just result in a simple scrape or bump on the head, others can be much more…

A Sweet Education: 34 Years of Community School’s Strawberry Festival

May 2, 2014

Each year, thousands flock to Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke for the annual Strawberry Festival. According to Pattie Stratton, however, few know about the driving force behind the event. Stratton, the Director of Marketing and Development for Community School, hopes to change that. The small school located on Williamson Road across from Hollins University is…

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