Back to the Movies: Frozen

Image from Frozen courtesy of Disney.

Perhaps the biggest Disney movie since the Lion King, Frozen took the world by storm in 2013. It was widely believed to be the beginning of a Disney Renaissance. The movie led to merchandise that could be found everywhere, a musical, a sing along, a holiday movie and of course a sequel that came out in 2019. Fans rave about the story, message and of course the music!

Sure the songs are catchy, but there are a few lessons to learn from watching the movie as well.

  • The importance of family. Even though they have been apart for years upon years, Elsa and Anna still have a connection and a love for each other. This love and connection can be discussed with your kids so they understand the importance of family and the special bond they share with their siblings.
  • Don’t shut out the world.  It was easy for Elsa’s parents to shelter her in her room after Elsa mistakenly hit Anna as a child. This action caused Elsa to lock her emotions inside and ultimately not learn to control the very powers that got her there. This could be a great opportunity to talk with kids about the importance of not hiding their emotions but learning how to express them in a healthy manner. Ask kids about their emotions and have them explain how they feel in certain situations and what they can do to control them if they get too strong. Finally, work with your kids to discuss how they can help a friend who may seem isolated or distant like Elsa was. Perhaps it is an opportunity to make a new friend and learn about someone new.
  • Be yourself. It’s plain to see that Elsa was trying to be someone she was not during the coronation scenes. She was “new” to the world after having been locked up for so long. She was afraid of her powers. When she finally could not take it any longer, she fled to the North Mountain, where she would be safe because of the cold (no one could stand the cold like she could.) This is a great chance to speak with kids about what they like that others do not. Express that it is ok to write your own path and not follow. Kids should work to embrace what makes them different and what they can do that others can’t.

Frozen-inspired activities

Now that you’ve seen Frozen, try these activities for away-from-the-screen time. 

  • Elsa has frozen your toys. This is a great science experiment and practical joke! Take your children’s toys and put them in a container of water and freeze them overnight! The next morning, work with your kids to find the best way to get them out of their ice! Be sure to try lots of different things and ask what your kids think will work best!
  • Make snowflakes. Try our craft featuring pipe cleaners and Borax or use the old standby paper snowflakes by folding paper and cutting them into shapes to make snowflakes. 
  • Build a castle. This can be done with pretty much any princess movie as it involves trying to build the biggest and strongest castle or other tall structure! What will work the best? Is it sugar cubes, Legos, blocks, sticks, or a combination of everything? Get your kids to give their answers and get building!
  • Race some ice blocks . Can your kids deliver ice as well as Kristoff and Sven, official ice deliverers for the palace? Have them develop ways to get the ice from one location to another in the backyard and have them  race to find whose method is the best.
  • Create a beach paradise for Olaf. Our favorite character of the movie, Olaf, loves the summer and dreams of the sunny beach days! Only one problem, he is a snowman! Create some kinetic sand that olaf can use to fulfill his beach dream.

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